Senderos a Pie - Guía de Senderos de pequeño recorrido por la Provincia de AlicanteSenderos a Pie - Guía de Senderos de pequeño recorrido por la Provincia de Alicante
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 Short Route Trails / P.R.C.V. 2


Region: L’Alacantí.
Municipality: Busot.
Responsible Body: Busot Town Council.
Start: Parking 2.2 km from road the Canalobre Caves (CV-776).
Finish: Same place.
Route Length: 10.5 kilometers.
Approximate Time: 4 hours.
Difficulty: Medium.
Cartography: La Villa Joiosa / Villajoyosa 29-33 (847) 1:50.000.
Bibliography: Topoguía PRV-2. CAM y Colla Muntanyenca de Busot.
Webgraphy: Federació d’Esports de Muntanya i Escalada de la C.V.
Instituto Cartográfico Valenciano


Busot Town Council: Tel No.: 965 69 90 92, e-mail:
Mountain and Climbing Sports Federation (Federació d’Esports de Muntanya i Escalada): Tel. No.: 965 43 97 47, e-mail:


Located in the region of l’Alacantí, the mountains spread out along the territories of the municipalities of Busot, Aigües, Relleu, Torre de les Maçanes, Alicante and Xixona. It has a North-South orientation and a maximum height of 1207 meters. Shaped by limestone materials of a chalky kind resulting from the karstic processes of limestone erosion, the mountains have yielded caves such as the Coves del Canelobre.


The trail starts at about 3 km from Busot, following the road to Xixona direction to the Canelobre Caves (CV -774). Before reaching them on the CV- 776, in the Pla de la Gralla, you will find a parking lot with the PR- CV 2 information poster. At this point begins the journey going south through a paved road until the Canelobre Caves, where at the end of this expanse of asphalt begins a path that descends southward to the Pla del Cabeçó. From here we ascend to the North, being this part of the trail a big zig-zag to the Polzet House. The path is clearly marked because a lot of hikers pass throughout the year, and the signposting is pretty good. If we want to climb to the summit from the House of Polzet, we will take the path to the right heading Northeast. This path crosses small quarries and passes under walls until you reach a small mountain pass on the edge. In order to reach this mountain pass you have to do a small and easy climb. From the pass, first following the water edge, then a little on the inside, we will reach the summit of Cabeçó d'Or. To continue the journey, we will return to the House of Polzet to stay on the right path as we go down (northbound). The rest of the route is downhill, the trail crosses some prairies to the Racó de Seva, where it converts into a forest track, which we will take southward and it will take us to the parking.