Senderos a Pie - Guía de Senderos de pequeño recorrido por la Provincia de AlicanteSenderos a Pie - Guía de Senderos de pequeño recorrido por la Provincia de Alicante
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“Hiking Trails” is an invitation to become acquainted, in a paused, almost introspective way, with our Province and our valuable heritage.

This publication comes to light with the purpose of providing both to the beginner and the accomplished trail hiker an aid for planning their routes.

Our rich geography and the variety of short route trails spreading throughout will allow the hiker not only to make its way while walking, but to know our towns, our customs and our history as well.

This magnificent work derives from the Environment Area of the Provincial Region of Alicante, and its goal is to reveal the winding routes that stretch across Alicante’s relief.

As it provides information on the Short Route Trails within the Province of Alicante, we must not forget that this region is one of the luckiest as to their number. Trails so fascinating and dissimilar that allow hikers the opportunity to contemplate landscapes of breathtaking beauty, charming places in of themselves.

Other travelers, in different times, have walked these trails with other missions, other destinations, although the end of the road may have been the same; now, our society, and the level and the quality of life that we have reached, gives us the chance to take the route only for the mere pleasure of hiking and break away from the noisy world.

If this publication serves as a log book for the hiker, or encourages people to take the routes, we will feel very satisfied seeing the response our invitation to know the province of Alicante has received.