Trails by Bike – A Guide on Cycle Tourism Routes across the Province of AlicanteTrails by Bike – A Guide on Cycle Tourism Routes across the Province of Alicante
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Route 4: Dénia - Jesús Pobre - Jávea - Dénia (return by boat) (Page 2 of 2)


The three mills of Jesús Pobre.After visiting DŽnia we will go to the Court of Law, located near the Casa de la Cultura (municipal arts centre). We set the distance meter to 0 at the olive tree in front of the door and start off towards the Torrecremada esplanade, where on Monday mornings a small market usually sets up. At the end we will see a narrow way (0.44) along which we will go forward a little distance onto an asphalted road on the left (0.54). A sign for cycles and hikers points also to the same direction. We ignore the ways coming out from left and right, then pass another one of these signposts and a few meters ahead (1.38) we turn right to visit the hermitage of Santa Paula. After the visit, we return to the way and proceed to the right towards the old cement factory. On the way to Jávea.We arrive at a crossroads (1.91) opposite which we find the building of the ancient international school of La Sella. We turn left and go around the cement factory. We pass through a small pine grove where the way ends in a junction (2.22). The track one on the left crosses the train tracks, but we will follow the one on the right. We reach "Assagador de les Monges" (2.71) and continue left. Just before the train tracks (2.82) we turn right. We cross the train tracks (3.26) lying now on our right. If we look closely in that direction, among a pine grove, standing out we see the famous minaret of Xara, and on our left the hill of "Pico del Águila", where a number of archaeological remains from Iberian times are found.

We reach the La Xara-Jesús Pobre road (4.28). If you wish to visit La Xara you must make a detour of about 1,200 m to the right. To continue, we cross the rails and turn left (where a sign reads "camino particular" (private way) in direction to the train stopping place. At the end we turn right (4.57), we cross a small ravine and turn left into a dirt way as far as the road (4.92) where once more we turn left. Here we find old houses, surrounded by orange and almond tree fields, some abandoned or restored. On our right we can see Mount Pedreguer.

On the way to Jávea.We reach a stop signpost (5.41) and continue straight. Then we cross the train tracks (5.73) and shortly after, over a hill, we can see the ruins of the three mills of Jesœs Pobre. From this perspective Mount Montg— reveals a different and majestic look. We pass in front of the La Sella golf course and soon reach a junction (7.54). We go to the left and gather strength to climb up the toughest 600 meters of the route. At the entrance of Jesœs Pobre we reach a stop signpost (8.55). Here we can stop the distance meter to visit the town that still preserves its charm.

To resume, we continue on the right passing by beautiful country houses, many of which still preserve their ancient wells and gardens. From ÒCuatre CantosÓ street, we can walk up a trail to admire the mills and enjoy the nice views. We continue our way down and arrive at the cemetery (9.65). We turn left. Then arrive at a road (9.98), we cross it and continue straight on the small asphalted farm way before us. Here almond tree fields alternate with vineyards. We ignore a way on the left. Then arrive at a road (11.08). Right before us and almost within our grasp stands the towering limestone bulk of Mount Montg—. We proceed to the right.

Cove of Tangó. Jávea.Shortly after, the road turns right (11.40), but we continue straight by a dirt road to find another dirt road (12.52) on which we turn right. We go out onto "Cami Vell de Gata" (12.81) and proceed to the left. This way will take us without making any detour to J‡vea. On this stretch we will enjoy the quietness and typical Mediterranean vegetation: carobs, agaves, reed beds, almond trees, fig trees, orange trees, prickly pears. We arrive at a small park where the well of "Pou del Castell" is found (16.54), a solid stone construction with amazingly large. We can enjoy the benches and the plentiful shade at the small plaza to relax a little before enduring the two last climbs onto Jávea. We reach a stop signpost (17.36) and continue along the street ahead with a steep climb down onto the stop sign (17.48). We proceed straight along San Joaqu’n street. At the second traffic light (17.92), we keep on the left to follow the Red Cross sign as far Alicante Avenue (18.15).

Here we can stop the distance meter here to visit the town's interesting old quarter. We go down to the right along Alicante Avenue, following the signs "Duanes del mar/Port", as far as the port where we will take the boat and return to Dénia (21.24).

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