Trails by Bike – A Guide on Cycle Tourism Routes across the Province of AlicanteTrails by Bike – A Guide on Cycle Tourism Routes across the Province of Alicante
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Route 20: Pinoso - Monóvar - Elda (Page 2 of 2)


Municipal district of Culebrón.So as to start from the beginning of the route we take calle Yecla, where we find supermarket "Dia", near the industrial estate. We veer to the left, following the directions of the Local Police. At the end of this way, at the stop signpost, we set the distance meter to zero and we keep straight along the asphalted road we have opposite. We will soon find vineyards and almond tree fields. We can see in the background the Sierra de Salinas with Peak la Capilla, 1238 m high. Let's ignore the road on the left (3.40) which leads to a small hill with a pine tree grove, and let's keep straight ahead. We turn into a dirt path on the left (4.09), between vineyards, disregarding the tracks that stem both to the left and the right. We reach a road (5.68) and we can see on the right, in the background, the municipal district of Culebrón. We keep some metres on the left and we turn into the path on the right (5.70). Hermit of the Virgen de Guadalupana.We keep going straight as far as another road (6.38) and we keep on the left. After a gentle way up we reach a hill (6.76) where we can sight the entire valley. The way down is gentle and we always keep straight towards a group of houses we can see opposite.

We arrive at a road (8.69) and we follow the directions shown in the signpost, Casas de Juan Blasco. We will pedal now among slight undulations and we will see large estates among the vineyards, some of them almost in a state of semi-abandonment. On the right stands the hill of El Cabezo with Peak San Juan, 729 m. We reach a stop signpost (11.25) and we are already in Casas de Juan Blasco, now in the municipality of Monóvar. We keep to the right. We ride through the municipal district of El Derramador (12.75) and we keep on straight as far as the road from Pinoso to Monóvar (14.24). We find Santa Catalina del Manyà wineries opposite. We cross the road and we keep our right as far as a yellow signpost showing Manyà. We keep on the left along the small access road and once we leave the houses behind, we will see a farm with a pine tree garden and two dirt roads (14.62). Municipal district of Derramador.We keep on the left as far as a crossroads (15.45), where we are to keep on the right as far as a white shed. We arrive at a road (16.32) and we follow on the left the red and white markings of the GR-7 which we will follow from now for a good lap. We reach a stop signpost (17.08) of a wider road and we keep straight ahead. This stage is upwards and pebbled, as we are on our way to Collado Victoriano. After going past it, we go down along a valley between many pine tree groves. We can see on our right (20.86) a small private-owned hermit, devoted to Mexico's Virgin of Guadalupe. We arrive at a road (22.53) and we leave the markings of GR-7 to go on to the right on a gentle slope down that leads us straight to the entrance to Mon"val. We stop the distance meter at the yellow building, the Azorín School, so as to visit the town (24.43). In order to go on, we look for the bullring and we exit by Calle Mayor in the direction to Elda. Just at the yellow indicator of the town, we start the distance meter again. We go down along this road for over 1 km, which endures quite a lot of traffic and where there is barely any hard shoulder: we will therefore be extremely careful. Park on the riverbed of the Vinalopó River. Elda.At the roundabout (24.83) we keep riding in the direction to Elda, and at the height of Monóvar train station (25.70) which unfortunately is closed today, we turn into an asphalted track on the left. This turns into the right immediately, but we keep straight. We always follow the main road without taking any diversion as far as Elda's industrial estate (28.15). We will go on on the right, going past the firm "Novotak". We arrive at a street (28.18) and we keep on the left. At the end of it, calle Alemania, we will reach an avenue, where we turn to the right to go down, always straight, as far as a roundabout (29.54), where we can see a cycle lane to be followed on our left. The cycle lane ends up on a bridge (31.18) and just opposite, we will find the markings of GR-7 again, which lead us on a nice promenade along the riverbed of the Vinalopó, as far as Elda's town centre.

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